Sunday, September 5, 2010

Football Frenzy

Lions, tigers, elephants, and blue devils! The football circus has started at our house! I can't believe fall and football season are already here. I love this time of year, and normally spend weeks anticipating it's arrival. This year it sort of snuck up on me. I'm still trying to fathom that my baby is already eight months old, and that a new school year has started, and now football too!

As you may know, we are a House Divided. In the past we have had fun with that: going to both teams' games, decorating, and of course throwing jabs now and then. Most of that continues, but now we have added ONE new little member to the team. A team that goes two ways, with one new member too young to decide for himself. Yep, it has created a greater divide. We are still working on how we will handle all situations. I had thought he would have an outfit for each and we would share time wearing each. That's what we had done up until now. He now also has UA pjs and a Big Al costume. At this rate my kind thought of "we'll let him decide on his own and be as unbiased as possible until he does" may not last another week. Of course, I do decide what he will wear most days, and do all the laundry ;). We have agreed that he will wear a House Divided shirt on game days. We've come up with two pretty cute ones so far.

More importantly than our rivalry, Brennan does like football! He went to his first game at Falkville Friday night. He spent most of the time staring at the loudest fans around us. Saturday we went to UNA. He really enjoyed that game. We had pictures made with Leo and Una, both the mascots and real lions. He watched everything, from the game and the band to all the fans around us.