Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birmingham Zoo

August 20, 2012

 A is for Alligator

 B is for Bongos

G is for Giraffe
They were my favorite....both this cute one with sunglasses and the real ones. I don't know how I missed pictures of the real ones.

M is for Monkey
The squirrel monkeys were fun to watch. They only rest for 10% of the day. I wish I had their energy!

P is for Play
Brennan loved the playground area. We didn't get to do the suds or splash pad, but he loved romping through this area.

T is for Train
Brennan LOVED the train! Once we rode it he was done and ready to go home. He found it the most interesting of all that day.

After a fun filled day, we had a very quiet ride home. He was worn out!