Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beach Pictures

We had some fun the last afternoon at the beach taking pictures. It's one of my favorite yearly traditions! Brennan was pretty cooperative, and I love how some of them turned out.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Beach

This year we took an early beach trip to Destin. It was a great week of family time and beach fun. Brennan loved......



Including the tide pool, or kiddie pool as Mike and I called it, or the kitty cat pool as Brennan referred to it after hearing us



Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Gosh, three year olds are......interesting! I'm loving most moments, but three has definitely been a greater challenge than two so far. We spent the first three months or so dealing with huge meltdowns and tantrums. Those have somewhat subsided, and now we are seeing a little more of a mischievous side along with his usual humor.

He loves to spin around and around to "get busy". He also thinks it is funny to snack (smack) his food on occasion. He often walks around with "noodle legs" sort of half walking/half dancing.

We are looking forward to friend's upcoming wedding. I recently went to a bridal shower for her. On the day of the shower he kept asking if he could come too. I tried to explain that it was just for girls. He said, "But I go everywhere with you!" He continued to ask questions after I got home, such as did she open her gift and did we have cake. The next day he said, "Did you and Miss Evelyn go to a meteor shower?"

He has tried out his first "dirty" word, stupid. He has said it twice that I've caught. Each time I have asked him to do something he hasn't wanted, and his response was a very quiet, "That's stupid." It's not a word Mike and I use (I don't think), so I asked him where he heard it. His great response, "Lightening McQueen says it." Thanks Disney!

His latest moment of mischievousness was probably not my best parenting moment. He is getting better at picking up his shoes and toys, but occasionally he just takes them to his room and throws them in. He then always closes the door and tells me not to look. That is followed by him having to clean it up. Well, tonight he had not eaten his dinner but was wanting a snack. I told him his carrots had to be eaten first. He complained for a second then went to the dining room and minutes later announced he was done. He often says this but actually isn't, so I asked him to bring me his plate. At this point he called for Wells, who didn't come because he was already snoozing. I then started into the dining room and he  started to yell, "Don't look in here!" He had an empty plate in his hand. The little stinker had thrown all his carrots in the floor anticipating that Wells would eat them! He hasn't figured out that his little "don't look in here" phrase instantly clues me in to his antics. I did what any great mom would do, died laughing. I don't know why (pregnancy emotions maybe), thinking back now on how disobedient he really was makes me frustrated, but at that moment the absurdity was just hilarious. I then told him to eat them off the floor if he still wanted that snack. Is that terrible? The floors had been cleaned recently, and if the cards were flipped and he wanted to eat it there would be no problem to him. He only had to eat a couple and then clean up the mess and have a timeout. If I've learned anything after years of babysitting and teaching boys, it's to never let them get one over on you without at least an unexpected reaction.

Oh, and he likes to dress himself these days!