Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the Blink of an Eye

It's hard to believe it, but our little guy turned two months today! I feel like those two months have passed in a blink. Brennan is so much fun. His personality is starting to come to life. He loves to show his beautiful smile to everyone, and is ready to start laughing at any time now. Tummy time has become more enjoyable for him. He likes to lay across the Boppy and talk to Bert and Ernie. He seems very proud to be able to raise his head so high and steady. A few of his firsts this month include: staying with Nonna while we had date night, celebrating Valentine's, celebrating Mommy's birthday, a trip to school to meet Mommy's class, sleeping all night in his crib, a professional portrait sitting, trip to Gam's, a play date, a birthday party, exploring the backyard on a nice day, and having to be taken out of church (which seems to have become a habit). Some of the things he enjoys are: laying in mommy's arms, standing up in mommy's lap, getting into mommy and daddy's bed in the morning for cuddle time, bath time, reading books, tummy time, trips in his car seat, strolls around the neighborhood, sitting in his highchair, only his Mommy's arms when he's so sleepy, and watching the big kids play where ever we are. He weighs 13 pounds, and is wearing 3 to 6 months clothes.

Our life has continued to change and evolve with Brennan's two months. The top ten:
10. sleeping more than three hours at a time---we are up to five hours some nights
9. being sad to put away the moses basket I've waited so long to have, and then could only use for two months
8. marking the spring consignment sales on my calendar
7. getting up early to go to consignment sales, but not actually getting there early because things just don't always work that way
6. cooking dinner while making up silly songs to entertain B-man
5. feeling baffled by the sizing of baby does a two month old already wear 6 month sleepers?
4. spending more time in the hall at church than in church, and wondering who else will be hanging out in the hall too
3. feeling like I fit in with the other mums around
2. exercising to a walking video because it can be done with my arms full of a cuddly little boy
1. that precious smiling face

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nonna's Night

Last night Mike and I had our first date night since Brennan was born. On the way Mike gave me a funny card, The New Baby's Owners Manual. It had a note for a spa day of my choice in it. We started with dinner at Bonefish. The Bang Bang shrimp appetizer had been calling our names all week. After dinner we stopped by The Chocolate Crocodile for dessert. Mike was super excited to have a chocolate covered twinkie. I loved the chocolate covered smores. It was great to be out on the town, and feel like an independent adult again. Of course my mind, and some of our conversations, went to Brennan from time to time. He has recently become pretty attached to his mommy, so I wasn't sure how his evening with Nonna might go. Apparently he was quite the gentleman. He talked to her awhile, then fell asleep, and woke up just before we got home. Lucky for us, because she's now eager to stay again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mission Accomplished

The kitchen project is finally finished! It took a day longer than I expected, but that's not too bad all things considered.It took a coat of dark primer and three coats of paint to cover. I also decided to paint a built in cabinet that was white and didn't show up very well. I have to admit I had an exhausted mommy melt down somewhere in the middle as well. There's nothing a good cry can't fix. You know, sometimes those big girl panties just don't fit! All in all I'm very happy with the results. It's amazing how color can change the whole feel of a room.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Watch Out House Here I Come!

I have finally gotten my creative energy back! I think Brennan may be an architect or engineer when he grows up, because he sure borrowed my creativity while I was pregnant. I usually love creative projects, and they normally come quite easily to me. While I was pregnant I had no good ideas, and the ones I had were always a little off. Not good timing for buying a fixer upper or decorating a nursery! As a result I have not been happy with the paint colors I've chosen, or much else, for this house.

The last few weeks I've started to feel a change. My mind is constantly coming up with ideas for the house. We are getting ready to tackle one of our bigger projects, from a long list of big projects. We are trying to decide between turning the basement into a large family room and play room or updating the outside facade. I have a plethora of ideas for both, maybe too many! Doing the basement means: a large living and entertaining space, a safe place for kids to play, new stairs, new carpet, new furniture, and one floor of the house basically done. The outside facade would mean: new windows and lower energy bills, replacing wood features with vinyl (some of which have rotted), painting what can't be changed to vinyl, and new paint colors of our choice. All of which would give us peace of mind in knowing the outside is well maintained and looks like we would like it to. We could also get a tax credit for the windows this year. There are pros to both ideas, and both will get done eventually, but deciding which to do first has become a dilemma. A good dilemma none the less, and an exciting one since we get to see progress.

For now, I decided to tackle repainting our kitchen tonight. We painted the cabinets white and walls a light blue last summer. I'm okay with the cabinets, but haven't been happy with the walls from day one. I've planned to paint it an apple green, the same as our last house's kitchen that I loved. This kitchen is small though, and just doesn't seem like an apple green kitchen. Today I decided I would like it to be Bittersweet. Bittersweet is an orange/red color that I bought for our bedroom. Our bedroom turned into a large project with the discovery of a leak in one wall, so the paint hasn't been used. I've known that I would like the kitchen this color, but wasn't ready to commit to it. Tonight I committed! By this time tomorrow it should be complete. We are so excited to see the results!

Maybe I will fall in love with this house yet!