Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas 2016

Our Christmas season whizzed by again this year!

Rowe enjoyed a little performance and visit with Santa at her school. Brennan and I enjoyed a morning of Christmas crafts with his first grade. 

Rowe was very unsure about her first visit with Santa for the year. She sat completely still and uncommitted, not even taking the gift he wanted to give her. We weren't sure if she realized she knew this Santa helper very well. After we left the school I said, "Rowe, what did you think about Santa?" Her immediate response was, "Are you kidding me! That was Daddy! Why were all those kids sitting in his lap?"

She did enjoy reading the book Santa gave her, and visiting with her guests. 

Christmas Eve is our special little family day of the season. The kids exchange their first gifts, from each other. This year they wanted to do that first thing in the morning. 

Later in the day, we played outside in the warm weather. 

While we were playing, a special visitor arrived. The Hartselle Fire Dept. brought Santa through the neighborhoods. This time no one hesitated to go see Santa, they were only sad to see him go. 

Rowe said, "Bye Da-da Santa", as he walked to the next house. 

After dinner, they wrote a thank you letter to Santa, put out cookies and milk, put out reindeer food and Grinch dust, and opened the fireplace screen so Santa wouldn't have trouble getting in. 

Dear Santa, Thank you for our gifts. If you want to drive the train please go right ahead. 

They both had a REALLY hard time sleeping! Brennan was awake at 4a.m. wanting to know how many more hours until Christmas day. They were both ready to get up about 6:30. 

Brother helped sister first before checking out any of his gifts. 

Later in the day we had Mike's family visit, and we were able to meet his brother's friend. 

Christmas night we went to the farm to relax and enjoy. 

These two finished the night putting together some of their gifts. 

Celebrating Seven!

This handsome, sweet, fun guy is seven!

Brennan Abbott Swafford
December 28, 2009
8lbs. 11ozs. 
5:49 p.m.

I remember holding him in the hospital and trying to imagine having a big kid, like seven or eight years old, in our house. It seemed so far away! I could have never imagined what a great kid he would become. Brennan is so loving and empathetic. He is very much a rule follower, and has such a hard time even trying to understand why someone would not follow along. He enjoys school, sports, video games, anything Star Wars, Legos, and books. This year he has: played baseball, played soccer, attended golf camp, attended Camp Artselle and had a large role in the closing play, and attended two science camps.  He also attended the Alabama vs. Mississippi State football game with Mike, and  rode in Santa's sleigh in the Christmas parade. He is loving first grade with Mrs. Ward and several friends from preschool and kindergarten, along with several new friends as well.

This year's birthday was a day spent playing with new toys at home, and then laser tag.