Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun

We had a nice Easter! I didn't do a great job of documenting all that we did, and we didn't get to some of the most important things, but our little guy can say more of what Easter is about, and I think they both had a nice celebration.

The Hartselle Easter Egg Hunt was right after Brennan's first t-ball game.

Pens and Pages egg hunt

Palm Sunday

Rowe, who sleeps through nothing on a normal day, slept through Brennan opening his Easter basket and all the fun.

 When she finally woke up, she loved it all.

Our attempt at Easter pictures! It had been a rough morning, so I was just happy to get some smiles especially from my little bow tie man. 

Brennan and his friend Kate

 Easter egg hunting at Nonna and Papa's to end our day.

8 Months

We've had a great month Rowe! It just flew by way too fast! You are eating more, scooting more, sleeping more, and happier than ever. You are almost crawling, but right now you army crawl or roll all over the place. You sleep for much of the night, many nights, in your bed. It's not perfect but much better. You still wake once at least to eat. There are no teeth yet, but they may be showing soon. You have started waving hi and bye bye. It happens mostly for strangers or at random times, and rarely when we ask. I think you have your own sign for eat, a handshaking combination of the signs we've worked on. You are making plenty of sounds close to words, and might have said da da. You love to chew on tags and can almost always be pacified with one.You like to hold ears like your brother, and occasionally the two of you fight for the same one. I love how you've started putting your head on my shoulder when you're tired.  You stood up in your crib recently. You were trying to get to brother, something you are always trying to do. This month you went to Brennan's first t-ball game and an Easter egg hunt. You seem to be loving life and we love you so much!