Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Little Guy

This little guy is almost 4 1/2! He finished a year of preschool this week, and had a graduation program.   I am so happy to say he has one more year before kindergarten. We have all loved his year of preschool, and he will go back this fall. After a few challenging months, he has gone back to being a kind, tenderhearted, funny little guy. He still has his moments when he wants to be in charge, or really just wants his way, but overall our days are good. He is very articulate and animated. He loves: his little sister, his family, Rescue Bots, t-ball, his Leap pad, playing in the dirt, riding his gator, helping around the house and yard, taking showers, wearing pajamas, wearing bow ties, "shopping" at Target (i.e. looking at toys), and eating chicken nuggets. He doesn't like: vegetables, going in rooms by himself, and getting haircuts. I love that he wants to cuddle and give kisses. I love that he cares so much about others. I love that he loves to learn. We love him more every day!

9 Months

Wow, Rowe! This nine months has gone by a lot faster than the nine we waited to meet you! You are on the move and into EVERYTHING! You started by rolling wherever you wanted to go, then army crawling on your belly with your arms, and now you just choose any way that seems fastest at the moment. You often scoot on your bootie while pulling yourself with one foot. You also pull up on anything that will stay still long enough to hold you. Your favorite activities are all the ones you don't need to do: taking books off the shelf, tearing up papers, reaching for cords, playing with outlets, getting brother's toys. I got out the super yard last week but couldn't get it to snap closed. I set it up and made it look like you were enclosed thinking that would work for a short time until your daddy could fix it. It a matter of seconds you had pushed it open and taken off to brother's trains! You know what you want, and not much can stop you from getting it! You are so busy, but I wouldn't want it any other way. In the calm moments of the day, I can see your sweet little disposition. You like to be picked up so you can snuggle into my neck, and love to be touching someone when you are sleeping. You are your brother's biggest fan. You love to play hide and seek with him, and even Rescue Bots. The Rescue Bots fire station is your favorite, and he is pretty good about sharing it with you. You think your daddy is pretty great also. You will go searching for the two of them if they are playing without you. You often don't like to eat for anyone else, and don't like to sleep in your bed unless someone else puts you down. You prefer to eat anything you can pick up yourself over baby food, and homemade baby food over store bought. Like I said, you know what you want! You have sounds for: da da, brother, nonna, and dog. No teeth have appeared so far. You weigh about 19 lbs., wear size 3 diapers and size 12 month clothes, and your hair has lightened considerably. You look a lot like your brother, some like Daddy, and a good bit like my Grandma's pictures. You've had your first ear infections, one in each ear, this month. That's only the second time you've been really sick. We celebrated your day with lunch at Captain D's (totally brother's choice), and you and I ran errands. Happy 9 months Rowie! We sure do love you!