Friday, October 31, 2014

October Fun

This has been a fast, busy, fun-filled month! Two days a week we watched the little guy play soccer. He really enjoyed his first season, and we learned a new sport with him.

His biggest fans!

Last week we made our annual trip to Tate Farms. My good camera stopped working and my phone died, so I ended up with much fewer pictures than normal, but fun memories none the less.

This has been our fun-filled week. Wednesday was Brennan's school party. He had a great time playing games, and Mrs. Penney and Mr. Jeff surprised us all with a hay ride. They will probably never forget that hay ride, but we thought it was great fun!

Wednesday night was the Fall Fun night at church. I had Optimus Prime and a friendly little witch dressed to go. Only Optimus actually made it dressed. The witch wasn't in the mood.

Tonight we had a great time celebrating with friends. Even if the weather kept us all indoors for dinner, we did make it to a few houses for trick-or-treating. Apparently she approved of being a cute little cupcake, and Optimus got to enjoy his sword in all it's glory.

Now to hold onto a few more weeks of fall before the holidays arrive!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Beach Time

We made it to the beach last week! We spent a few days in Panama City Beach. We all enjoyed it, but Brennan especially had a blast! It was Rowe's first beach experience. She enjoyed playing in the sand and loved the water. Brennan spent a lot of time digging, visited Dave and Buster's, played Mini golf and got a hole in one, and had late night ice cream. The first day on the beach was hot and sticky, the second day was extremely windy but pleasant, and the third morning was quite chilly. We spent some time at Pier Park, and went to an old favorite-Captain Anderson's. PCB seems to have outgrown it's party stage a bit. It was a great little getaway.

Her first steps on the beach. 

She decided the sugar white beach taste really good. 

It was great to have special time with Aunt Lucy. 

He loved eating breakfast outside watching for dolphins.

This is our normal life right now. She is stuck like glue! She didn't see any need to change that for vacation. 

He loved the water this year!

My yearly request is one sunset on the beach for pictures. It proved to be a lot harder with two than one. I really could have used another shot at getting the pictures I wanted, but we caught some great memories!

Ready for the long ride home! These car pictures have become a fun trip tradition too.