Sunday, November 17, 2013

Three Months

  • About 13 lbs.
  • Definitely longer but I'm not sure how much
  • Sleeps 7-8 hours most nights
  • Usually eats every 3-4 hours
  • Size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes

You've made the transition from a newborn to a baby this month, Rowe. You are interacting much more and communicating your needs more clearly. You love to show your beautiful smile a lot. A few of your firsts include grasping objects right in front of you, rolling over, and drooling like crazy. You are definitely looking like Brennan, still a lot like Daddy, and maybe a little like me sometimes.  You started the month less than thrilled with Daddy. You would actually scream every time he looked at you. He kept you and Brennan one night last week, and now you seem to have decided he is alright. You even laughed out loud at him the next morning. You enjoyed your first trip to Tate Farms, and slept most of the time. For Halloween, you dressed as Batgirl to go with Batman Brennan. We had several families over for dinner that night, and then you stayed home with Daddy while I took Brennan trick-or-treating. You were screaming when we got back. You also screamed through Kroger one afternoon. You were asleep when we got there so I thought it would be an easy trip, but you woke up as soon as we got inside. You started crying a little about halfway through, and by the time we got to the dairy section you were screaming inconsolably. A sweet lady parked her buggy and carried you so I could buy the hard fought for groceries I had and get out of there. I actually called the doctor because you had been crying so much. He suggested changes to my diet, so that's where we are now. You have been happier the last few days. Brennan did something similar at your age, so it may just be a stage right now. You are going through a growth spurt and want to eat constantly.  You have had a lot of happy moments too. Nonna kept you one day. We went with Mrs. Evelyn to the craft show in Birmingham. We also went to Tennessee with Mrs. Kacie. You have spent a few days with me at Hope House. You and Brennan had pictures made with Santa, and you met the big guy. You were good with him until he turned you around to see your face. Your sleep has made up for any hard days. You want to be in bed between 9-10 and sleep until 5:30-6:30 most mornings. Naps haven't become as predictable yet. You are a lite sleeper, and with a big brother and a big dog it is hard to have peace and quiet. I'm getting into the swing of dressing a girl. I made my first dress for you. It's a knot dress that you'll probably wear for Thanksgiving. We celebrated your big day by having your dedication at First Methodist. Afterward, some of our family came to our house for brunch. We are loving having you in our family Rowe. I can hardly remember life before you now.

October 18: Tate Farms
October 30: Morning with Nonna
October 31: Halloween
November 9: Santa pictures and craft show
November 11: Night with Daddy
November 12: Trip to Tennessee, first big laugh
November 16: Rolled over from tummy to back
November 17: Dedication

Tate Farms

 One day you'll think he's the best

 Bundled up for smores with the family

 Dressed to meet Santa

 Auburn vs. Georgia

Your dedication with Robert Sparkman

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We've had a full week of Halloween fun! Brennan really understood what it was all about, and thoroughly enjoyed it this year. We started with a party at his school Wednesday morning. They had snacks and played games. It was fun to see him with his classmates, and meet all the friends he talks about.

Wednesday night the kids dressed up for dinner at church and a little party during their classes.

The rain didn't stop our fun on Halloween night! We had several families over for dinner. Since it was raining, everyone stuck around rather than trick-or-treating. The kids played in the rain and had lots of fun.

We did trick-or-treat to a couple of our neighbors' houses, and Brennan was as happy as could be.

Wells even seemed to enjoy the night!