Monday, January 27, 2014

Every Day is a Great Day at the Circus!

We went to the circus this weekend! For four of the six of us, it was our first time to see the Greatest Show On Earth. For two of the six of us it might not have lived up to it's hype. They still thought the hotel pool was the most fun part of the weekend. We made some great memories though!

We got there early for the interactive time. It was pretty crowded,  but these two had fun dressing up.

We saw the "Built to Amaze" tour. It was a great show! The performers were pretty amazing. Of the first timers: I most enjoyed the elephants, Brennan liked the human cannon ball, Maeleigh liked the poodles and horses, and Rowe just slept through most of it. They also enjoyed cotton candy, popcorn, and a new toy. The grand ending of confetti falling was pretty spectacular as well! Brennan and Rowe were both asleep by then, but Maeleigh thought it was pretty cool.

Traveling with three littles was a whole new experience. You would think with three adults and three kids it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but we pretty much felt like a traveling circus the whole time. Ha! Ha! Overall, the kiddos were good and I learned a few things:
1. Always over pack (which isn't a problem for me). Brennan and Mike had to make a clothes change in Buca de beppo's parking lot (carsickness strikes again).
2. Indoor pools are great for energetic preschoolers.
3. I'm not ready to tackle Disney. I probably need a few years of rigorous training before we do that!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Five Months

15.4 lbs.
Sleep....what's that?
Eating every 3 hours
Size 6/9 month clothes and size 2 diapers

Overall, you have been a precious, happy girl during the day Rowe! Nights and naps have been another story! Sleep, or the lack of it, is really all I can think of about this month. It was just a phase, and you are already moving past it. but it was a doozy. You went from a textbook sleeper: going to your crib drowsy, falling asleep and sleeping all night, napping three times, to reverting to your newborn ways. First you started waking every hour to two hours and usually wanting to eat, then you started screaming when you were put to bed, then you began waking every time you were put down asleep. It became this juggling act of trying to do everything just right and hoping for a little sleep. You also became very clingy to me. You would not let anyone else hold you without screaming. It's very flattering to be loved so much, but. This lasted for four and a half weeks, and then one day it all began to fall back into place. I did revert to your swing where you would sleep a little more, and you started eating rice cereal. At this point you are waking once most nights, taking very short naps during the day, and I'm beginning to feel human again.

It was a fun month of firsts. You visited Santa's Village, attended Christmas Eve communion, celebrated Christmas, celebrated Brennan's fourth birthday, attended his party, attended Elijah's 1st birthday party, drank from a cup,  and ate cereal. You take most every first in stride. You drank from the cup and ate cereal like you had been doing it every day. You were pretty excited Christmas morning, maybe it rubbed off from Brennan. You had your four month immunizations. You cried for a minute and were fine. You are starting to teethe. Your bottom gum is a little swollen and you are drooling like crazy. Your personality is popping out more everyday. You are a precious little lady that we love so much!

December 19: Dr. Cartwright
                 22: Santa's Village
                 28: Brennan's birthday, Elijah's birthday
                 29: 1st drink from cup
January       4: Brennan's party
                   5: Ate cereal

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Turning Four Means It's Time To Soar

Yesterday was Brennan's 4th birthday party! He chose a Disney Planes Wings Around the Globe theme a few months ago when he saw the movie. It was a pretty easy and fun party to pull together, and I think all the kiddos had fun. 
I had a few original ideas, but most came from other parties on Pinterest.