Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fourth Month Top Ten

10. Wearing comfy clothes does get old after a while.
9. Getting up with a newborn is hard, getting up with a four month old after getting to sleep through the night for a few weeks is even harder.
8. Storms are scarier when you are responsible for another human being also.
7. Slobber is a lovely accessory to any shirt.
6. A giant, toothless smile can melt away any worries.
5. Feeding cereal can be a fun family event.
4. Mommy does need a break every once in a while.
3. You really can break free from the school routine, and not feel that your day revolves around 3:00, but it takes a long time.
2. Childhood songs do come back from memory.
1. Babies grow WAY too fast!


Happy 4 months Brennan! We found out a year ago yesterday that we were going to be parents, and all that excitement doesn't even compare to the last four months. This has been your most eventful month yet I think. You have begun to eat cereal, teethe, sit with support, sleep through the night, ride in your stroller, use the jumper and exersaucer, and try to roll over on occasion. One of your favorite activities is playing in the floor in your room. You love to read books, kick on the playmat, sing, and have tummy time. You weigh a little over fifteen pounds. Your hair has started to grow, and is blondish brown so far. You laugh out loud when we tickle your chin and tummy. When you are just sitting around, you almost always have your hands folded in your lap or a fist in your mouth. You still love to talk to everyone, and show big smiles when anyone looks at you. You have grown past the fussy stage and have had a very happy month.

We celebrated your first Easter at Fairview Church, and then had all of our family over throughout the day. The next week was Aunt Mandy's birthday. We had everyone to our house to celebrate. Gam's birthday was this month also, and we all ate at Outback. You now love restaurants. You usually sit in my lap and watch all the action. Nonna opened Sweet Annie's Antiques. You have spent several days (and nights) visiting there while Daddy and I work. We had our first overnight alone while Daddy traveled for work. You had to check in with me a few times that night, and we didn't get much sleep. Daddy and I had a date night, and you stayed at home with Nonna. The two of you strolled through the neighborhood, and stopped to visit neighbors on their front porches along the way.

There isn't much you don't like at this point. You still prefer to be close to me, but you do not mind other people holding you as much now. The biggest change for me is that you always want to sit or stand, and do not lay in my lap unless your sleepy. It makes you seem like such a big boy, and you no longer look like a little baby. You are resisting sleep right now, but I'm pretty sure it's because you're teething. You have one funny habit when you are sleepy. You bury your head in my arm. I guess you don't like the light, but every once in a while your head bobs up to check out what's happening.

You are such a blessing in our lives!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet Annie's at Massey Town

There's a new store in town! My mom has opened an antique and gift store in the little community of Massey, where I grew up. It is across the road from McKendree United Methodist Church, at 2814 Highway 55 Danville, AL. She is open Thursday through Saturday from 10-5. It is a very cute little shop. It was an old gas and grocery store years ago, and has had a few other tenants since then. She has done an amazing job of transforming it into "cute". There are several booths of antiques, other pieces on consignment, and then gifts and such that she and I have added. Last weekend was her first to be open, and her inventory is continuing to grow. The Grand Opening will be May 1st. Go out and see her! It's about ten minutes outside of Hartselle for those of you that might not be familiar with the area. There is a Mennonite bakery just down the road as well. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter!

What a wonderful day! Today was our first big family holiday with Brennan. Mike and I have been so excited. It turned out great! Our day started early because we were hosting two dinners, and wanted to get to church early. Brennan slept later than normal, so that gave us time to get dressed and take care of a few last minute tasks. When he did wake up, he was all laughs and smiles. We got him dressed in his blue Feltman Brothers bubble suit, the classic little boy outfit, and monogrammed bib (his latest must have accessory). He got a quick peak at his Easter basket, which he had honestly already played with with Daddy (because Daddy was so excited and you can do that the 1st Easter:). Then we were off to a wonderful church service. After church we took a few family pictures, then headed home to finish getting ready for lunch. Our air had stopped working Saturday, but amazingly when we got home it was cooling again. My family came for lunch. We enjoyed sharing stories about our church services and watching Miss Maeleigh be her cute self. Brennan was so tired he fell right to sleep without even eating. As my family left for their next events, my aunt and uncle came by for a visit with their three granddaughters. The girls loved exploring our house, playing with Mike, and then holding Brennan. They left and we headed out for a quick walk, to make room for the next meal. When we got home, Mike's family was arriving for the next dinner. We had a pleasant visit, and enjoyed the great weather by hanging out in the backyard. Little B seemed to enjoy it all, all he was awake for at least. He has been a bit fussy with other people lately, but today he was so happy. It was a great day to remember all of God's blessings for us.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


One of our teacher's at school has written a grant for several pieces of technology. Since, we are in a recession and schools are not giving any money this is a great way to get what we need for our students. The grant is from Pepsi. It is won based on popularity. Here's where I need your help. Please follow the directions below and vote for her grant everyday for the month of April. Also, please tell all of your friends, family, and coworkers. If you have a blog and want to cut and paste this on to it to spread the word, please do so. The more people that can vote the better our chances of winning. It will only take a few minutes a day. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

The following is the website and directions:

Go to:


At the bottom of the left side of the page click on the words, “sign in”.

Follow directions of how to set up your password that you will use for voting each time.

Find my project by using the identifying tag phrase, ”I want to motivate grade 5 students to learn with interactive teaching,” or any of the following tag words: teaching, education, technology, grant, classroom, school, and reading.

Click on the vote button for the project each day.