Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blessings and the Beach

I'm finally starting to catch up in blog world! There's a lot to share!

I have a great blessing to share....Mike started a new job with Wells Fargo on Wednesday! God is so good! His job with T-Moblie officially ended the 18th, so we didn't have any lapse in insurance, etc.

He was offered the job on Thursday the 9th, so we decided on the 10th to head to the beach for a short trip before he got started. By the end of the day on the 10th we had a condo, a dog sitter, and travel companions in place. We left on Monday the 13th for a little fun in the sun. It was a great trip. For my future reference, we stayed in Crystal Towers 509 (I can never remember the names or numbers when it's time to book again) in Gulf Shores. Mandy and Maeleigh went with us. I think we all had a great time. Since it was a short trip, we just hit our favorite spots along the way: the outlets, the Hangout, the Original Oyster House, LuLu's. We spent as much time as possible on the beach. That meant late lunches and late dinners, and two toddlers that were little troopers. They loved it all!

See Ya' Later Alligator!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


He is still here. He is still funny. We still love him to the moon and back! He is 2 1/2 now, and has just had a mad growth spurt. I'm not sure how much taller he is, but all of his 3T shirts are getting short. His obsessions at the moment are trains and Mickey Mouse Club. He wants to watch the MMC Road Rally episode all day every day. When he isn't watching it, which is often, he is pretending to be apart of it. His imagination is huge right now. A lady at the bank asked him what he had done one day and he made up this entire story ending with me picking him up a few minutes before. Ha! Thankfully his pretend day included good things for a two year old to do, mostly involving trains and a road rally. He loves to be tickled and loves to spend time with his daddy. With Mike home more right now, I'm totally old news most days.

 A few interesting facts to not be forgotten: He ALWAYS runs out of the bathroom naked after his bath. He finds whichever parent did not give the bath and announces his nakedness. There is normally a superhero cape/towel flying behind him as he does so. He MUST have his sunglasses any time he will be outside. We now have three pair to alleviate a little stress every time we get ready to leave the house. His latest exclamation word is NEVER. On our way to Georgia he started telling us,"No, Never!" It was hard not to laugh the first time, but the new wore off quickly for those of us over two. The second night we were trying to go to sleep and he was wound up. I asked him to lay down and be still. His respond was, "No Never!" I calmly told him that I didn't like him saying that, and he shouldn't speak to me that way. He responded, "No", waited a few seconds and then said, "But I didn't say never." He is not as cuddly right now. We went through a phase of him asking to be held a lot. That has changed to him rejecting my kisses and wiggling away. He does want to be forehead to forehead when he goes to sleep though, and still wants to hold an ear. He loves his big boy bed, but freaks out when I change the sheets on our beds. It doesn't matter if it's his or ours, he melts down begging for the current sheets to stay. He then begs for a couple of days to change them back. Then when we do change them back, he cries all over again for the other sheets. Craziness!  His favorite foods haven't changed much. He will at least try some new foods now, but hasn't really liked any of them. His staples are peanut butter, carrots, peas, mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, and cereal of any type. There are a few other things he eats, but only by his choice. He is a chip eating fanatic, but we don't keep those around too often.

Our days include a lot of time at home. If we aren't at home, Brennan is often asking to go there. He loves his toys and doesn't want to be away from them for long. When we came back from two days in Georgia you would have thought we had been gone for months. He was so happy to be back at home!  He spends a lot of time playing trains and with trucks. He also likes puzzles, play dough, and art projects on occasion. He loves to play outside, especially with his lawnmower and big truck. He has discovered a dirt spot where he can fill his dump truck and loader. He will often sit down, take his shoes off, and soak in the dirt I think. He swims all over the pool with his Puddle Jumper on, and will jump off the diving board. He still doesn't want his face to get wet, and often chooses to just play outside rather than swim. He is starting to really recognize certain letters, and likes to count right now.

We are loving watching  Brennan grow and change. I still take a second look sometimes in disbelief that we now have not a baby but a little boy.

He still loves his Cozy Coupe Fire Truck

This is how we found him in the playroom one night. Covered in red finger paint! 
The paint is now hidden.