Saturday, March 17, 2012

Feeling the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Everything is a little green around here. Green as in pollen green. The only color of green I really can't stand. When I looked out at our cars this morning, I realized just why I've been sick all week. After sitting overnight, they are covered in a layer of pollen.

It's amazing how those little specks have so much power. They can grow a mighty oak or cripple a determined woman.  I was determined to fight these sinus/allergies off this year, but today I officially declare them the winner. Even with two shots, antibiotics, and allergy medicine, they ruled the week and now the weekend. Here's hoping with a little Irish luck that next week will get back on track. I have a toddler to chase, a bedroom to finish, yard work to do, and two special birthdays to celebrate. I don't care to sit on the sofa any longer. Luckily, this little leprechaun is feeling good.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Little Glimpse

Here's a glimpse of what I've accomplished on the bedroom and bathroom projects over the last couple of weeks.

 Bathroom before new paint and floor and decluttering


Bedroom before painting


 I had hoped to be sharing a finished product, but it's been a slow go. This lovely brick wall took up a good part of one day to paint.

 I have marked several items off the to do list though:

  1. paint bedroom including the brick wall and trim
  2. paint bathroom
  3. hang chandelier in bathroom
  4. hang mirror light in bathroom
  5. hang mirror
  6. hang chandelier in bedroom
  7. purchase and hang new fan in bedroom
  8. purchase and schedule install of new flooring in bathroom and closet
  9. purchase storage cabinet for bathroom
  10. finish paint treatment on bedroom floor
  11. sew window treatments and pillows for bedroom
  12. purchase new bedding
  13. purchase blind for bathroom
  14. purchase and hang barn door track and door on bathroom 
  15. stuff and fluff with the pretty stuff
  16. hang new light in closet
  17. move in!
I want to paint a second coat on some of the trim in the bedroom, and then touch up a few places. Next will be finishing the floor, and sewing while it dries for a few days. Mike's trip for next week was canceled last night, so I think a few more honey do items may get knocked out as well. It shouldn't be too much longer! Of course this little guy takes precedence, so his naps and social schedule kind of dictate how fast it will all happen.