Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter!

What a wonderful day! Today was our first big family holiday with Brennan. Mike and I have been so excited. It turned out great! Our day started early because we were hosting two dinners, and wanted to get to church early. Brennan slept later than normal, so that gave us time to get dressed and take care of a few last minute tasks. When he did wake up, he was all laughs and smiles. We got him dressed in his blue Feltman Brothers bubble suit, the classic little boy outfit, and monogrammed bib (his latest must have accessory). He got a quick peak at his Easter basket, which he had honestly already played with with Daddy (because Daddy was so excited and you can do that the 1st Easter:). Then we were off to a wonderful church service. After church we took a few family pictures, then headed home to finish getting ready for lunch. Our air had stopped working Saturday, but amazingly when we got home it was cooling again. My family came for lunch. We enjoyed sharing stories about our church services and watching Miss Maeleigh be her cute self. Brennan was so tired he fell right to sleep without even eating. As my family left for their next events, my aunt and uncle came by for a visit with their three granddaughters. The girls loved exploring our house, playing with Mike, and then holding Brennan. They left and we headed out for a quick walk, to make room for the next meal. When we got home, Mike's family was arriving for the next dinner. We had a pleasant visit, and enjoyed the great weather by hanging out in the backyard. Little B seemed to enjoy it all, all he was awake for at least. He has been a bit fussy with other people lately, but today he was so happy. It was a great day to remember all of God's blessings for us.


  1. You are such a cute little family! Brennan is a doll. I am glad that he ended up being happy. Happy Easter :)

  2. Too cute. He is growing and looks like he is getting a happy personality with all of those smiles. Happy Easter!