Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Unexpected Guest

(FYI: This is a venting post.)
So today our not so good friend,"Murphy", showed up. He brought a lot of baggage with him! He has visited way too often over the last year, and seems to know we are trying to stick to a pretty tight budget right now. I'm pretty sure some of you know Murphy also, and while I hope he left us I hope he isn't on his way to you. I first knew he was here when I noticed that our thermostat, which was set on 73, was at 78 and the air had been running for as long as I could remember. Luckily we have a few more weeks left on our home warranty so I called them. This happened at the beginning of April also, but that was more than 30 days ago so we get to pay them again. At least it isn't a lot.

Mike came home a little while later with news that several people in his position will be cut in June. We've gone from thinking he might have the chance at a promotion, to wondering if he'll have a job. That means I've gone from thinking I might have a chance of staying home longer with Brennan, to feeling that that door was closed today but thankful I have a job to go back to. He is feeling pretty cautiously optimistic about his job at this point, and we're not terribly worried. But we will be praying and preparing for that possibility until the middle of June.

Brennan and I went to my parents for a relief from the heat, and a delicious dinner tonight. When we got home the air was working! This is exactly what happened before, and when the serviceman came he couldn't find anything wrong last time. I'm glad to have a cool house to sleep in, but I really don't want to keep paying a service call every month for "Murphy".

After I got Brennan to bed, I started getting some things together for tomorrow when I go to clean my classroom (and leave Brennan with Nonna for the longest so far). I went out to the car and noticed the tire pressure light was on. Sure enough, something is sticking out of my back right tire. I'm glad for that light, so I didn't end up with a flat tire between here and Harvest. I guess I'll start my day at Tankersley's, where they have profited from our friend "Murphy" at least three times since we moved here. Wow "Murphy", I'll stay here and you take a vacation! You're not welcome here no more!

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