Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out on the Town-Saturday

We've had such a fun day! After being home for most of the week with our surprise snow vacation, we decided it was time for a little road trip today. We set out for a day in Atlanta. Our main destination was

The drive there was pretty uneventful, other than our little monkey in the backseat sucking his toes.

He rarely arrives anywhere with his shoes and socks still on, but today was my first experience with the toe sucking. We decided to have lunch first at The Cheesecake Factory. As we pulled into the parking lot, Brennan decided to make sure I was on my toes. He coughed and then got sick all over himself. Note to self, and mommy friends, always travel with extra everything. We had an extra outfit, and I was able to contain most of the mess on a blanket, so our day was saved pretty quickly. We did decide to buy another outfit while we were at the mall just in case.

Our next stop was the big blue box. We didn't have any big item to find, but I was hoping for some fun accessories. I finished painting the downstairs family room, and am working on the mudroom now, so they need a little bling. I was hoping for a bright rug and pillow for the mudroom and maybe even a couple of storage pieces. We didn't find any of that today. But I did find some picture frames at a great price, pillow inserts for the pillows I'll make some day, toilet brushes, a couple of cute things for B, and my favorite...a large metal lantern I'll probably use on the back porch.

My favorite part was that our big bag full was less than $50. Oh how this frugal gal loves a deal!

Next, we stopped by another favorite of mine from cities past, World Market. I just picked up a couple of things for supper club next week. Our drive back to the interstate from there took us through Buckhead. I felt like that commercial where they're house snooping, I was trying to catch a glimpse in every door and window. Amazing! After an interesting dinner at IHOP where one guy was single handedly running the whole place, we headed home to enjoy a long weekend.

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