Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Great Day For A Snow Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our quick little snow day! Our first trip out was soon after the grass became covered. It was just a quick trip since it was snowing pretty hard, and I was trying to wait for Mike to be in on all the fun. Brennan loved making footprints!

He spent the next hour looking out windows waiting to go back out and throw snowballs.

During the second trip out he thought he needed to get his truck and check on things. The truck was no match for the snow. He had to do most of his inspection on foot. He spent a lot of his time making snowballs.

We took a little break and made snow cream. We mixed snow, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla (Paula Deen's recipe). It was very yummy! While we were in the sun popped out, after how many days of absence, and it was amazing how fast the trees cleared and snow began to melt. We decided to postpone nap time a little and play one more time. This time Brennan took his dump truck out to work. It didn't run quite like he hoped, but it was a lot of fun in the slushy part.

Once he was completely soaked, and Wells had caught all the snowballs he could handle, we called it a day. He went to sleep very sad because the snow was going away, but already planning what he will do next time it snows. I love that snow days are so special in the South!

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  1. Looks like he had fun for a short snow day. We had no snow at our house, so we enjoyed an early day at school to come home and see sunshine.