Sunday, October 13, 2013

Homecoming at UNA

Yesterday, we took the kiddos and met Mom at UNA for Homecoming. We went to the parade and then had lunch in the alumni tents on the lawn. After lunch, we took Brennan to see a little bit of the campus. He has a children's book about Leo and Una, the lions, and it talks about places on campus. He got to see a few of the places from the book. The real lions were resting up for the big game last night, so we will have to go back to see them playing. Brennan loved the parade, all the candy he caught, entertaining Nonna's friends, and running off his energy. Rowe apparently enjoyed napping on such a beautiful day. She slept until we were ready to drive home. We didn't stay for the game this year, but really enjoyed our time in Florence.

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