Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Little Guy

This little guy is almost 4 1/2! He finished a year of preschool this week, and had a graduation program.   I am so happy to say he has one more year before kindergarten. We have all loved his year of preschool, and he will go back this fall. After a few challenging months, he has gone back to being a kind, tenderhearted, funny little guy. He still has his moments when he wants to be in charge, or really just wants his way, but overall our days are good. He is very articulate and animated. He loves: his little sister, his family, Rescue Bots, t-ball, his Leap pad, playing in the dirt, riding his gator, helping around the house and yard, taking showers, wearing pajamas, wearing bow ties, "shopping" at Target (i.e. looking at toys), and eating chicken nuggets. He doesn't like: vegetables, going in rooms by himself, and getting haircuts. I love that he wants to cuddle and give kisses. I love that he cares so much about others. I love that he loves to learn. We love him more every day!

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