Friday, August 22, 2014

First Birthday Pictures

One more birthday post, then I will be done I promise! If you choose to read on, be prepared for picture overload!

Before Rowe's birthday party, Alyson did a little mini session of Rowe and our family. She captured so much of Rowe's personality, and some really special moments. All the pictures were taken in our backyard or under our neighbor's fig tree.

This is how she walks right now, very carefully with her hands straight out.

Brennan picked out Rowe's present from him months ago, and was sooo excited to give it to her. Pacifiers and a girly sippy cup from Kroger. 
She mostly loved the paper!

She was excited to get a baby doll of her own.

How she crawls, still.

Mom made bedding for her doll bed, that I also played with, for Rowe. She used an old quilt that she could only save parts of, and embroidered Rowe's name and a little heart on the back.

She has become quite the daddy's girl.

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