Friday, October 31, 2014

October Fun

This has been a fast, busy, fun-filled month! Two days a week we watched the little guy play soccer. He really enjoyed his first season, and we learned a new sport with him.

His biggest fans!

Last week we made our annual trip to Tate Farms. My good camera stopped working and my phone died, so I ended up with much fewer pictures than normal, but fun memories none the less.

This has been our fun-filled week. Wednesday was Brennan's school party. He had a great time playing games, and Mrs. Penney and Mr. Jeff surprised us all with a hay ride. They will probably never forget that hay ride, but we thought it was great fun!

Wednesday night was the Fall Fun night at church. I had Optimus Prime and a friendly little witch dressed to go. Only Optimus actually made it dressed. The witch wasn't in the mood.

Tonight we had a great time celebrating with friends. Even if the weather kept us all indoors for dinner, we did make it to a few houses for trick-or-treating. Apparently she approved of being a cute little cupcake, and Optimus got to enjoy his sword in all it's glory.

Now to hold onto a few more weeks of fall before the holidays arrive!

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