Thursday, June 4, 2015

Goodbye Sweetest Boy

May 27th we had to say goodbye to our sweetest fury boy. He would have turned twelve June 17th. Canaanland's Well Worth It All, aka Wells, lived up to his name for sure. He was well worth moving across the St. Louis neighborhood to a third floor walk up apartment that allowed dogs. He was well worth the twice a day, rain, sleet, or Minnesota snow walks that were never skipped for three solid years before he and I had a fenced yard. He was well worth having to apologize profusely, buy a new doormat, and make Christmas goodies for the 2nd floor neighbors (who didn't care for dogs) after he had a potty emergency in the middle of the night on their fancy doormat before he made it to the ground. He was well worth the daily vacuuming. I'm pretty sure his DNA will still be flying around for years to come. He was well worth stopping a rec league softball game with my yelling and commotion as two guys tried to steal him as a tiny puppy. He was well worth the sick days taken for his major leg surgeries. He was well worth all the crazy puppiness to watch him become such a great boy.

Wells was a part of so many of my greatest memories over the last twelve years, as the thousands of pictures of him can prove. He welcomed Mike, then Brennan, then Rowe with just as much love as he had always shown for me. He traded big city dog parks and coffee shops for small town backyards, and Minnesota lakes for his own in ground pool. He had more friends and more experiences than some people, and was more than a little spoiled as dogs go. While we will eventually welcome another dog to our home, there will never be another like Wells.

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