Monday, August 15, 2016

A Party For a Little Princess

Rowe had her 3rd birthday party over the weekend! A couple of months ago she started to request a Sophia the 1st party. I was a little surprised by her choice because she had just started to show interest in the show. I asked her what she liked about Sophia and her immediate answer was James, Sophia's brother. Then she added in the sweetest little voice, "Brennan is my James." Of course my heart melted, and so a Sophia party was planned!

We decided to use our church so there were no weather worries this year. In case you didn't know, for the past four years the weather for this week in August has had below normal temps (nice) and wet (not so nice for outdoor parties) weather. Also, I have these parties down to a little formula: main table, kid tables, coloring table, let the kids it was also pretty easy for mom.

We had several little princess friends and four knights to protect them. They played in a cardboard castle and danced to Disney music, fought with pool noodle swords, and batted balloons because all parties need balloons. The birthday girl enjoyed every part!

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