Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top Dog

After my wonderful husband cleaned house yesterday, and I rested to try to relieve the pain from a pulled back muscle, we decided it was time to get serious about disciplining Buster. Buster is a 6 year old poodle. He has become very difficult to deal with on a daily basis. He steals anything he can get his mouth on, growls and snaps if we scold him, and then becomes aggressive toward Wells ( the Lab twice Buster's size).  After a little research, we've realized Buster thinks he's Alpha dog in our house. We started by keeping him off all furniture, and making him sit or follow some command to get to do anything. So far, he seems to realize changes are in place. He walked around looking dazed and defeated for most of the day. Now the trick is to continue changing our behavior, and stay consistant while he realizes his place in our family. Wow, it's good practice for kids I'm sure!

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