Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Old House :\

As my summer days quickly wind down, I've been trying to finish up a few house projects. Two of our bathrooms did not get painted last summer, and they needed a splash of color. One also sported a lovely medicine cabinet and hollywood light.

The other still enjoys a brass fixture and shutters.

As some of you know, every project in this house has brought a surprise, and these did not disappoint. They are painted, and I think the colors are an improvement. Unfortunately, they are still not complete. I had not planned to finish the shutters and brass fixture quite yet. That will come soon. But, I had thought the other bath would be complete. It is currently our master bathroom while we stay at B's end of the house. It will eventually be a guest bath. I had a new light fixture, mirror, and window shade ready to go. Our first surprise came when Mike took down the old medicine cabinet. There was a nice big whole behind it.

Apparently an old medicine cabinet had been in the wall, and this meant my mirror would not work. Surprise #2 came when he tried to install the light. It had been centered over the old, old medicine cabinet which was not over the current sink. That means my current light will not work, unless I want it a foot away from the sink. Next he tried to put up the window shade, just a simple matchstick shade. Simple if the hardware is included in the box, and it was not. If we weren't ready for vacation before now, this did it. We'll tackle these surprises another day! For now, we'll continue to have a house full of half finished baths.

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