Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Fun To Turn One! A Snowman Party

Brennan's big snowman party was a huge success! We even had snow and snowmen here to celebrate, not a usual sight in Alabama.

These were the invitations we sent out, and the colors we used throughout the party.

It can be found on Shutterfly.

I made favor bags for each child. They had a few different goodies inside, including noise makers. I know some parents that are loving those right now :). I also included one original idea: a snowman making snack mix. It had three large marshmallows, two stick pretzels, two mini m&ms for eyes and three more for buttons, and a piece of corn candy for a nose.

A family friend made the cakes. I sent her a few ideas and she went with it. They were amazing, and absolutely perfect! She out did herself.

We rented a community room for the party. It is a great set up for large groups. It wasn't as easy as going somewhere that does parties, but it did provide a good play space and plenty of room. (I will definatley consider a party place in the future.)Because Brennan's birthday falls right between Christmas and New Year's and because those holidays are on weekends this year, we had the party on the Tuesday night of his birthday. We served Chili, along with some kiddie foods. They have tables already set up, and had some Christmas decorations up, so we just added party decorations. I did colored bags on each table with balloons, a couple of snowmen on the food tables, and lots of bright colors. I wanted light blue and white to be the prominent colors, but I also added other bright colors like the invitation had on it.

On a table at the entrance, I put out the photo books I have made of Brennan through his first year, the scrapbook Mike made me for Christmas, and an empty photo album that we will fill with birthday pictures. We asked the guests to sign the front of the photo album and wrote down his gifts in the back.

We just took a couple of Brennan's toys: a pop up tent/tunnel and cozy coupe, for the youngest party goers to play with. I had a small craft project for the older little girls and blew up white balloons for everyone to enjoy. The white balloons were a big hit. We just told the oldest children to pick up any pieces as soon as a balloon popped, and of course there was plenty of adult supervision also.

I know Brennan enjoyed the night, and I think it was fun for all the little guys.

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