Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hot Deals!

One of my new missions is to find great deals. I've been couponing for a while with some success. I'm starting to figure out where to look for the best deals, and realizing that many are not advertised. Recently I've gotten $106 worth of toys at Target for $30. That was an exciting day! I'll use those for birthday and Christmas gifts. Yesterday I was able to get Wells dog food for half price at Petsmart. They have a special on Eukanuba big bags which makes a 30lb. bag the price of a 15lb. bag. I also happened upon this at Target.
Fisher Price Dig N' Ride

It retails for $50, but was an online order returned and they had it for $10. I thought it would be a Christmas present, but one little boy just could not forget about it once we got home. He wanted to eat supper on it!

I know a lot of expectant moms right now, and have thought of you all this week. Target had several cute maternity clothing items on the 75% off rack yesterday. The best I saw was cute cropped jeans for about $7. The rack was in the regular clothing area. Walmart has had Carter's sleepers for $3 (normally about $7). I loved those when Brennan was a baby. They also had there Garanimals play clothes for $1 and $2. There were cute things for boys and girls!

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