Monday, December 26, 2011

The Merriest, Oh the Merriest!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! We certainly did here! Brennan was so excited Christmas Eve that he would not go to sleep. Luckily he did make it to bed before midnight so Santa was able to make his stop. Christmas morning he woke up still a little tired and fussy. We asked him to go into the living room and he kept saying, "No, eat cereal!" Finally, I carried him in and sat him down in the doorway. He immediately saw his "own train" just like he had asked Santa  to bring. He ran over and began playing, and didn't stop for quite awhile. Our next door neighbors and my parents stopped by  to see Brennan and eat breakfast goodies. I would highly recommend the cinnamon minis pinned from Pinterest. They were super easy and oh so good! Mike's family came for lunch and presents. Brennan was very excited to see them, and what they brought. We enjoyed a relaxing evening at my parents with dinner and presents.

I don't think Brennan can quite comprehend that all this stuff is his to keep. He has gone from one thing to another all day, and often asks if his train is going to be here when he gets back. He is also very curious about it being Jesus' birthday. We've talked about baby Jesus, he has played with our nativity, and we sang "Happy Birthday" Christmas morning. Later in the day I told him that Gam and Pawpaw were coming to visit. His response was, "Not Jesus?" with his hands out and a puzzled look on his face. Christmas through the eyes of a child. There's nothing better.

 Now to recharge, clean up, and get ready for another big birthday. Only two days until we have a two year old!

Hank the donkey meeting baby Jesus

Putting food out for the reindeer

Opening his Christmas Eve present

The train!

Ha Ha! Gotta love toddlers!

The first thing he did this morning.

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