Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have had a lot of fun celebrating the big V! Yesterday, Brennan and I went to a Valentine play date party. Out of 15 children there were 3 boys. Brennan had a few admirers that I'm not sure he knew quite how to handle! He really stuck with the boys.  He had a blast, and so did I. The kids were all so good that we had a good bit of mommy time, too. There were precious Valentine decorations, and cute Valentine treats for everyone.

Thanks Alyson for the pictures!                                                     

Today, he was so excited for his second Valentine party at school.  We did the glow stick Valentines from Pinterest. They were super easy and inexpensive.

For his teachers, we did a pot of pink tulips for each one. I find these at Walmart each year and dress them up a little.

He had a great time eating the icing off of the cupcakes. 

He hasn't felt too well this afternoon, so we had a quiet evening at home with pizza and chocolate filled strawberries. It's been a great start to a fun weekend. 

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