Saturday, March 23, 2013

Updates on the B

Brennan is growing and changing by the moment I think. He no longer wants to be called B, but Brennan. He continues to burst with personality. He is a very outgoing little boy, and just loves life in general. A few weeks ago he had his spring program at preschool. He had told me for several days that he was going to sing loud for us. When he got on stage, he was front and center with a huge smile on his face. He sang and danced to each of his songs, sometimes a little fast but always with full gusto. As his mom and a teacher, this says to me he pays attention! That isn't always the case at home, so I was very proud to see him perform so well.

We are sometimes Mom and Dad now, instead of Mommy and Daddy. He has become my protector. He often tells me to "stand back" or "wait right there" when he hears a noise that he is unsure of. Even protectors still need many cuddles though. He wants to have snuggle time a lot. I'm often asked to watch an episode of Mickey with him or sit beside him so he can hold my ear.

He can come up with the funniest things to say.
One night he hit his funny bone. He grabbed his elbow and said,"Ouch I need some Salonpas!" I've heard the Salonpas commercial I'm sure, but I've never really paid attention to it. Apparently he has!

One day we were eating lunch out. He had found a toy cell phone in his bag and was pretending to call our aunt and uncle. The waiter came by and asked if we needed anything. Brennan politely put his finger up to his lips to ask the waiter to be quiet while he took his call! The waiter said," Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize he was on the phone", and walked away.

One night he asked Mike to put bubbles in his bath. When he was pleased with how many bubbles there were he said, "That's marvelous!"

I recently finished painting his new big boy room. The first time he saw it he exclaimed, "Wow this is amazing!"

A few days ago he opened the refrigerator and asked if we still had cupcakes. When I replied that we did he said, "Ah, that's music to my ears!"

He is absolutely loving preschool two mornings a week. He can't wait to go each time to play with the "friends and children" there. He is also learning so much! He is doing great with counting and recognizing certain letters and shapes. He has made good progress on potty training as well, although we still aren't quite there yet. Every day is an adventure that he welcomes with great enthusiasm. He brings so much joy to our lives!


Wells becoming "Wells the great!"

Brennan and his "friend/cousin" Maeleigh

The large train track he started on his own. It went from the living room through the dining room.

Indoor Easter egg hunting practice on a cold, rainy day.

Happy Birthday Maeleigh!

Happy Birthday Nonna!

A rare cousin moment.....close to each other and quiet. 

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