Sunday, March 24, 2013

Updates on Baby Swafford

We are 22 weeks away from meeting the baby currently known as Bubbles! Brennan has stuck with his name choice, and his prediction that he is having a brother. I'm greatly looking forward to giving the baby a formal name, and knowing if it is a boy or girl. We had an ultrasound Thursday, but this little stinker had it's legs crossed and was sitting on it's bottom so there was no way to tell the gender! I'm very thankful that everything looked great with the baby, but I was definitely a little disappointed. I've actually had an ultrasound at every visit and during every other one the baby has been moving all over the place. This time it was sound asleep I think. The morning after, I began to feel it moving for the first time and it was very active! I already plan to enjoy some sugar and caffeine before our appointment on April 18th, just to make sure.

I have been thinking pink for awhile now, and did break down and buy a few pink things at a sale this weekend. Admittedly, we are much more prepared for a boy though. We have a boy name, a boy blue room, and all of Brennan's clothes and such. I can truly say either will be just fine. I do feel the need to have a girl name before we find out, and that is not coming easily. It needs to be the right combination of somewhat traditional/older but a little bit unusual. I don't want anything so different that no one knows what it is, but I also don't want a name you hear everyday. Ah, it's such a huge decision to give someone their name for life. Any suggestions? I would definitely love to hear new ideas.

You will notice, there are no pictures included in this post. I'm not real into maternity photos at the moment. Just know that I am noticeably pregnant. I already feel huge, although I'm still mostly wearing my normal clothes. While most of it is out front again, I can tell I have gained more all over than I did with Brennan. I am feeling great, especially if I exercise a little each day. I was beginning to think this baby was going to be bald, but the heartburn has arrived. Other than that, I can't say I'm having many discomforts. I'm very thankful! I'm currently trying to knock off my to do list so that when warm weather finally arrives I can enjoy time with Brennan outside, and when the hot summer accompanies the huge months of pregnancy you will find me in the pool!

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  1. Glad to hear that you and Bubbles are doing great. Cannot wait to hear if it is a he or she. Take care.