Monday, June 17, 2013

A Decade Long Friendship

My four-legged best friend turned 10 years old today! I've had him since he was eight weeks old. We've been through the good, the bad, the ugly, and a whole lot more together. I've seen him through two hip surgeries, several tummy aches, and brought him back home a few times after his amazing escapes. He has seen me through heartbreak and numerous wonderful life changes. I've forgiven him for eating the post of a brand new bed, eating the corner of a bookcase, and various other accidents. He has forgiven me for four moves, many road trips, a not so loving step-dog brother (sorry Buster), and I'm sure various other events.  He loves Mike and I, but I'm pretty sure his little brother truly has his heart. He is the most patient, loving dog with Brennan.  I will say, he has always seemed to love Brennan but since Brennan has started eating real food (and possibly dropping a few morsels or leaving it within reach on the table) Wells has really become his buddy. These days his favorite past times are: eating, sleeping, occasionally playing, laying in the sun, swimming any chance he gets, and always hanging out with me (especially if I'm in the kitchen or a quiet room by myself). His newest trick is stealing food from the table or counter. He would never attempt this when younger. He has become a little more orniary and a little more selective with his hearing with age. He has never loved riding in a car although he did tolerate it for several years while we lived away from Alabama. He has also never liked using stairs, and absolutely refuses these days. I love that I know his personality so well, because we've spent so much great time together. Happy Birthday Canaan Land's Well Worth It All: A.K.A. Wells or Wellsie or Wellsworth!

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