Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I think we have all become a little more accustomed to the news of a little girl joining our family. We couldn't be happier! It has taken a little time to sink in though. I wasn't surprised since I've thought all along it was a girl, but it is a huge moment to find out how your family will be completed.

After our doctor's appointment, Mike and I went to lunch and talked about names. We then went shopping just to get used to looking for pink. It was a little overwhelming, and we didn't actually get anything. I know what I like for a boy, but this girl stuff is so vast.

I did come home and start on her room. That was the one piece I already had ideas about. I ordered a little pink! Since then it has all come together really easily. Hopefully, it will be ready to share in the next few weeks.

Time has flown by. I'm 30 weeks today. I feel huge! When are you due has become the dreaded question. I want to just say in a few weeks to avoid the whole shock, surprise, disbelief, some people feel the need to share. She has to go somewhere people! For me, it is mostly out front, and yes my belly is big.  Heartburn has begun to rule my life. It dictates when and what I eat, and even where we eat out many times. It also steals my sleep some nights. She better have some great hair because I can't seem to find much relief. I'm at a point of being done with the To Do list, even if the list isn't officially done. I pass by weeds outside and dust inside, what would normally drive me crazy, and think ...later maybe. Pregnancy brain has become very real. If I don't write it down I'm probably not going to remember it.  I have felt pretty good until it got really hot last week. I'm very thankful for air conditioning, especially since ours was out two of the hot days last week. I freeze most everyone else just to get to a comfortable temperature I think. Exercise still makes any day better, but I really have to make myself do much. My goal for the next few weeks is to finish her room, buy a few things I need to pack my bag, and enjoy summertime with a sweet big brother who is still determined to get the name Bubbles in somewhere. Hopefully, I will also have a room reveal and name reveal to share also!

A little sneak peek!

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