Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 months

10 months.....closer to 10 1/2 really! We have been so busy having fun and watching you change, Rowe! You have finally doubled your birth weight, and are about 30 inches. That means it is time to trade your infant seat for a convertible car seat. We've also lowered your bed and are starting to get rid of our little baby items. I can't believe you have already outgrown so much! You have one shiny tooth on bottom, and more are ready to appear I think. Your communication has changed the most in the last month. You have a sweet little girly wave. It started with what looked like a surfer move, and then turned into a very enthusiastic wave. You still will often point first and then wave. You are quite the talker, and are hardly ever not talking. You are saying mama, and have clearly said: cat, bow, and nana (banana). You also still have your words for daddy, dog, Nonna, all done, and Brennan. You blew me a kiss a few days ago. Most of these actions happen once and then we don't see them again for a week or two, then you are suddenly all about them. You are loving any food that you can feed yourself, but I think your favorite is bananas. You also like all the fresh summer fruits. You have perfected your personal crawl. You move your hands, then pull both legs in behind you, all while bobbing your head with a huge smile on your face. I imagine your moving to your own little song in your head. You are also starting to cruise a little. You pull up on everything and have taken a few steps hanging on. You'll also stand on your own when we put you down. You haven't gotten up by yourself yet, but you've come close. You love to grab two toys, throw them, and then go after them....and do it all over. You love phones, cars, dolls, water, books, and anything that belongs to brother. You really like to entertain yourself or play with brother. If you know I'm coming for you, you often start to crawl away. You are a pretty happy girl, with the deepest belly laugh. When you get excited, you move your whole body with your arms waving and your legs kicking. When I pick you up, you almost always pat my back and/or cuddle into my neck with a big hug. When you do get mad and we come to console you, you will often turn your back to us. I have a feeling it isn't the last time I'll see that move. You have also perfected the loudest scream when you are mad. You don't really cry as much as just scream at the top of your lungs. This month you have: celebrated Memorial Day, celebrated Father's Day, gone to the Rowe family reunion, spent the night in Florence with us, met Aunt Sissie and Uncle Larry, and enjoyed lots of pool time. You love the water, and act like you've always been there. You kick, splash, and squeal! We are loving to watch you grow and change happy girl! We are starting to get excited for your first 6 short weeks! I'm a little sad that your baby days are coming to an end, but the older you get the more fun our days are becoming. I'm excited for the fun times to come Rowe Catherine!

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