Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting Ready For Christmas

Just two more days! I can't believe it's almost here! We've had a fun and busy December, keeping traditions and making memories.

Cousin Pictures

Last year Rowe slept through choosing a tree, and this year Brennan did the same. We chose a Leyland Cypress, and it has ended up being one of our prettiest trees. 

We made our annual trek to Santa's Village with friends. These two look like Santa had some rough news. They were both a little unsure, but no tears were shed. 

Ready for church

Brennan's school party

We finally made it to the Biltmore! This was a trip we scheduled for November, and were very glad we could reschedule for December when sickness struck our original plans. It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous place! The kids mostly tolerated it, so we would definitely like to go back on a couples trip. 


This was the main attraction of our trip. A surprise ride on the Polar Express for an almost 5 year old, as a special pre-birthday trip. He and his sister were pretty amazed!

We also got to head home through North Georgia and have lunch with my cousin and his family. It was great to see them, and meet the newest member of their family. Big brother Jackson consented to a picture or two, but baby Asher was sleeping so peacefully that I didn't dare disturb him. 

A few pictures to remember these two at their fun ages: 
Rowe 16 months and Brennan 4 years 360 days

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