Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Our day started early. Brennan was up before most of us. I was getting dressed when I hear, "Daddy come look! Santa came!" We woke Rowe up so she wouldn't miss the fun. She had been the one Santa had to wait on to bring the gifts on Christmas Eve, so she wasn't quite ready to be up. Brennan was thrilled! He said it was even ok that Santa didn't bring the gift he had added to his list the day before. Rowe took a little while to get into it. We all enjoyed a slow pace of opening a gift and playing a while, then finally opening another. We stopped for breakfast, and then finally finished up.

                                  Learning to make sweet potato casserole on Christmas Eve

 Putting out reindeer food 

 Christmas Eve sibling gifts

 Santa came! After this girl finally let us all get to sleep.

 Christmas morning fun!

 Rowe's tiredness Christmas morning was actually the beginning of an illness. By the afternoon, she was running a fever and feeling pretty crummy. She and I ended up spending Christmas night on the sofa, while Mike and Brennan went to my parents. It turned out to be an upper respiratory infection, not the flu, and by the next day she was excited to see her presents from Nonna and the rest of the family. 

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