Friday, March 18, 2016

Miss Rowe is Two and a Half!

Rowe had her 1/2 birthday a few weeks ago. When I first told her that she was 2 1/2 she was so confused, but now we are not allowed to say she is 2....that 1/2 a year must be included. She is so grown up. She is 31 lbs. and about 34 inches, wears 3t clothes and size 9 shoes, and is completely potty trained. She decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to be potty trained, and within a few days she pretty much was. We did go through a little regression week, but she seems to be back on track. She even woke up in the middle of the night and asked to go a few nights ago. Her strong will, determination, and leadership skills are very evident in all she does. We are trying hard to let her lead, without her running the show. She can already have a sassy mouth, but she can also already think and reason beyond her age. She is a great little helper and wants things to be put away just right. Her favorite activities are going places, playing with her babies, playing with Little People houses, and being with her daddy and brother. She is quickly becoming a master of the iPad with the little bit of time she gets to use it. She loves music and remembers every song she hears. She recently had her first night without me at home, and then her first time spending the night with Nonna. She did great with both. She has surprised us by being quiet and a little clingy when she goes to school, but as her school year winds down she is finally opening up a little. She takes it all in while she's there, and comes home repeating all she has learned.  She is having to adjust to playing outside with the nice weather. She is in a phase of not wanting to be dirty, so she struggles with what to play and still have clean hands. Slowly, she is getting past it. Her greatest struggle at the moment though is following directions. She thinks she knows how to do everything, and her way is obviously the best. It is taking a lot of patient correction to help her see when she can be in charge and when she must listen to the parents. She loves to be a little care giver to others, whether it's a baby in the church nursery or Brennan. I'm pretty sure she could run the household through delegation on any given day. She loves to tell jokes, tickle, and read books. She will try most any food, but loves fruit. We have been talking about getting her to sleep in her own room. When I asked if she would like to sleep in her big girl bed she responded, "Sure, who's going to sleep with me?" Mike showed her a picture of her as a newborn in the hospital bassinet. She exclaimed, "You made me sleep by myself!?" I think this will be our next hurdle to overcome. She has been inviting everyone to her Friday...for a few weeks. It's going to be a long wait until August. She will have plenty to keep her busy I think!

Her favorite "stomping boots".

A few Easter pictures

You're never too young for a selfie with a pink princess phone. 

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