Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We kicked off spring break with a Sunday birthday lunch for our March birthday girls, Mom and Maeleigh.

In between baseball and just hanging out at home, we also: went to Shakalaka for Maeleigh's birthday, visited Chattanooga, bought seeds to start a garden, and prepared for Easter.

We made Tea Cakes.

Our Chattanooga trip included Sticky Fingers, the aquarium and Coolidge Park.

Mom, Rowe and I visited the Wheeler home for a plant sale on Saturday. Most of the plants had sold quickly, but we enjoyed the grounds. My grandfather spent part of his childhood living here while his family served as the caretakers. 

The Wheeler Home

The Caretaker Home

Saturday night the kids and I visited an area church for an Easter egg hunt.

Easter morning was a buzz of excitement! We celebrated our RISEN SAVIOR and the easter bunny.

They allowed me to make up for last year on pictures! As you can see, I snapped as long as they cooperated.

Rowe got a long awaited umbrella for Easter, and God provided just enough mist to get to use it.

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