Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our First Month

It's hard to believe, but we have been a family of three for one month today. Nothing has brought more love, more joy, or more change to our lives at once. Brennan is a wonderful little guy! He has started to sleep 4-5 hours at night. He has a pretty laid back personality, but isn't shy about speaking up if he needs something. When he was born he looked just like my baby pictures, but as he grows he looks more and more like his daddy. He has become very alert, and loves to hold his head up and look around. His favorite activities are eating, swinging, bouncing, eating, talking to his toys and us, listening to stories, eating,and sleeping.. .and did I mention eating. He is growing so fast! He is wearing 0-3month clothes and some of those are getting short. A few of the highlights of his month have been: many great visits from friends and family, a couple of dinners out, shopping with mom, his first church service, and meeting a few of his future friends.
I'm amazed at how fast my way of thinking has changed. A cool water feature no longer seems like a good idea in the backyard. The downstairs family room has moved to the top of the house project list. A whole day at home, or even a whole weekend, is now what I crave more than being out. Unfortunately, time now flies faster than ever. My goal for the next month is to enjoy every month, even more than I have already.


  1. Love the pictures. Glad that motherhood is going great. He is such a cutie. Enjoy your time because they grow and change very fast.

  2. He is adorable! I am so proud of you for keeping up with the blog. You are much better than I am. Like Leanne said enjoy every minute. I know that sometimes it can be hard...but whatever you "think" you need to get done can always wait. Enjoy and talk to you soon!