Monday, February 15, 2010

Watch Out House Here I Come!

I have finally gotten my creative energy back! I think Brennan may be an architect or engineer when he grows up, because he sure borrowed my creativity while I was pregnant. I usually love creative projects, and they normally come quite easily to me. While I was pregnant I had no good ideas, and the ones I had were always a little off. Not good timing for buying a fixer upper or decorating a nursery! As a result I have not been happy with the paint colors I've chosen, or much else, for this house.

The last few weeks I've started to feel a change. My mind is constantly coming up with ideas for the house. We are getting ready to tackle one of our bigger projects, from a long list of big projects. We are trying to decide between turning the basement into a large family room and play room or updating the outside facade. I have a plethora of ideas for both, maybe too many! Doing the basement means: a large living and entertaining space, a safe place for kids to play, new stairs, new carpet, new furniture, and one floor of the house basically done. The outside facade would mean: new windows and lower energy bills, replacing wood features with vinyl (some of which have rotted), painting what can't be changed to vinyl, and new paint colors of our choice. All of which would give us peace of mind in knowing the outside is well maintained and looks like we would like it to. We could also get a tax credit for the windows this year. There are pros to both ideas, and both will get done eventually, but deciding which to do first has become a dilemma. A good dilemma none the less, and an exciting one since we get to see progress.

For now, I decided to tackle repainting our kitchen tonight. We painted the cabinets white and walls a light blue last summer. I'm okay with the cabinets, but haven't been happy with the walls from day one. I've planned to paint it an apple green, the same as our last house's kitchen that I loved. This kitchen is small though, and just doesn't seem like an apple green kitchen. Today I decided I would like it to be Bittersweet. Bittersweet is an orange/red color that I bought for our bedroom. Our bedroom turned into a large project with the discovery of a leak in one wall, so the paint hasn't been used. I've known that I would like the kitchen this color, but wasn't ready to commit to it. Tonight I committed! By this time tomorrow it should be complete. We are so excited to see the results!

Maybe I will fall in love with this house yet!


  1. Girl I understand and can sort of relate! Last summer we put our house on the market. We left it on the market until October because of the arrival of Ethan. We fixed up our house for the next potential buyer not for ourselves. Finally over the last month and a half be began making our house a HOME again. Now we are much happier here at home! Do what ever makes you happy. You are the ones that have to live there and enjoy it while you work on it.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of fun things ahead of you. Keep outside projects until spring and summer and tackle the inside ones now. Keep us posted with pictures. I am sure that it will look great!