Monday, October 4, 2010

Nine Months...A Little Late

Happy Belated Nine Months Brennan! We've been having so much fun that I just haven't stopped to blog. It has been a busy month for us all. We are continuing to get used to spending our week days apart, and making the most of our time together. When we are together, you love to play and crawl all over the place. You pull up on anything that will stay still and cruise all around. You have become very vocal lately. You love to say ma ma, and now can discriminate when to say it. You also say da da at times, and your favorite for the month has been ot oh (however that is spelled). That expression is used for everything. You also like to just yell. You will yell until you are red in the face, and then make a oo oo oo sound over and over. It reminds me of a lion.

You're now the age Maeleigh was when you were born.She seemed so big then, and I can't believe you're already at that stage. You weigh almost 22 lbs. now and are 28 1/2 inches long. Four pearly whites are shining every time you flash your beautiful smile. You are wearing mostly 12 month pants and 18 month shirts. We've bought a few pairs of shoes recently, and I think a size 5 fits best at this point. You are eating stage 3 foods, and recently discovered you love the lasagna. You still love your bottle, and don't care for your crib. You have made it a few entire nights in your bed, but it still isn't a consistent thing. You are happy most of the time, but a few things are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud: the dogs, daddy, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and mommy's tickles. This month you've decided that the changing table isn't so great anymore. You sometimes scream when we start toward it, try to roll all around and get off, and have a little temper tantrum when we make you stay still enough for a diaper. You love to be held and carried around. When you spot something to get down for though, you just drop your legs and turn into a limp noodle. That's always a great move to use when mommy's hands are full of you and a laundry basket.

A few firsts this month have included: a Falkville football game, UNA football game, Daddy's birthday, Uncle Pick's birthday, Depot Days, watching Auburn and Alabama football, Harvest PTO meeting, and a flu shot. You are looking so much like a big boy now. Every once in a while I'll see an expression from you that I have a feeling is a preview of your toddler years. If so, life will only continue to be filled with joy from you.

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