Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh What A Wonderful Week!

Fall Break! It's one of the great things about working in Madison County. A whole week off, at a great time of the year, when it is always needed. We have had a fabulous week!

It kicked off with Homecoming at UNA. We went to an alumni awards banquet on Friday night, then Saturday was filled with a parade, picnic, tailgating, and the football game. Mom received an award at the banquet, was in the parade, and then had a lot of friends around for it all. We all really enjoyed the gorgeous weekend on campus.

On Monday, our family went to Tate Farms pumpkin patch. I had never been there before, and was amazed at how nice it was. We really went for the pictures this year, and to start a family tradition. I had no idea it would be so much fun for us all. The weather was cool and beautiful. I can't wait to take Brennan each year.

Tuesday was a work day for Mike and I. We painted Brennan's new playroom. I think it has become our favorite room in the house. It feels so wonderful to walk down the stairs and see a finished room ahead. It is a grey/blue with a whimsical brown tree and huge chalkboard wall. I found cute sports knobs for the cabinets (on sale at Hobby Lobby, even more fun) and a big play rug with roads and buildings. It's a little sparse right now, but ready for all those Christmas and birthday gifts in a couple of months. Of course, the first time I took Brennan down to play I sat him in the middle of the floor and he headed for the door. I think he thought the cart of paint supplies in the next room looked real interesting.

On Wednesday, Brennan and I left Mike to do yard work while we shopped. I know shopping normally sounds like fun and a treat. It was a treat to have time to shop, but I was in desperate need for basic fall clothes and really had to find some things. It turned out well. I'm probably a little older than Old Navy's target buyer, but I love there basics.

Thursday was a day to rest a little and catch up around the house. Friday morning Brennan and I met my friend Kacie and her son Connor at Earlyworks. It was my first trip there as a mom, and Brennan's first play experience. We had a great time. Biscuit's Backyard was perfect for their ages, and they also loved the building section. I loved having a little time to catch up on grown up time.

Friday night Mike and I celebrated our anniversary. It is actually Monday, but Friday fit our schedule a little better this year. We had our first Melting Pot experience, and it was the first of many I hope. It was wonderful! I especially loved the chocolate fondue. I want to go back just for dessert. He had called ahead and gotten a back corner booth for two, a card, and a rose. So romantic! I was really surprised by that part.

Now we are enjoying a relaxing weekend of football and rest. War Eagle! But I have to say B looks pretty cute in his new Alabama jersey. No worries, he'll get cleaned up tonight in his orange and blue. I hope I can store up some of this stress free, rested feeling to carry me through those crazy weeks to come.

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