Saturday, October 23, 2010


I can't believe you can possibly be ten months old already Brennan! When you were born, time kicked into overdrive in our lives I think. You are looking like such a big boy these days, and wanting to act like one too. Yet somethings are still exactly the same as the day you were born. You still love to go to sleep with your hands by your face. Ears are a fascination for you right now, so your hands are usually on them. You also still love to kick. You have this way of kicking both legs at once. You do it when your sitting in the bathtub, in your car seat, in your stroller, on the floor, and I know that's exactly how you kicked in my belly a year ago. Jumping has continued to thrill you. We will hold you on the bed or in a chair, and you bounce yourself up and down. The cutest is when you stand at the superyard and jump up and down. That's how you greet us most days.

You are cruising everywhere, and will stand by yourself for several seconds at a time. You love to crawl as fast as you can to "get away" from us when we are about to pick you up. You have six chompers now, two more on top. Recently, you have started asserting your independence. You will have little fits if you don't get to do what you want. These mostly happen with Mommy so far. If we could understand all you have to say, we would all be a lot smarter by now. You talk constantly, and seem so serious about your proclamations. One of my favorite things you are doing now is giving us love. You will crawl up and snuggle on my shoulder. When I pick you up, you often pat my back and smile.

This has been a fun month. It started with UNA's Homecoming. Nonna received an Alumni award, so she was in the Homecoming parade. You and Maeleigh dressed in matching outfits, and we all went to see her. Afterward, we attended a picnic lunch, visited with some of Nonna's friends, tailgated, and watched the UNA football game. You loved it all! That weekend started my fall break. We took time that week to go to Tate Farms pumpkin patch, paint and prepare a playroom for you, go to the children's museum with Connor, and spend a lot of relaxing time together. Mommy and Daddy celebrated their anniversary on the 11th. Daddy was out of town for part of a week, so you and Mommy had a crazy week on our own (with lots of help from Nonna). We added both Alabama and Auburn jerseys to your wardrobe this month. They are both pretty cute. You have learned to signal TOUCHDOWN. You throw your hands straight up and smile real big. During the games on Saturdays, you get so excited and move as fast as you can all over the place. There has been a lot to be excited about for our teams this year. Alabama started the year #1, after being National Champs last season. Now Auburn has moved to #1 for the first time ever, and is still undefeated this season. We had Christmas pictures made this month. Tonya Melton and Bailey Eaves made them on a farm in Cullman. You were all smiles! I can't wait to see them. Halloween is a few days away, and your costume is all set.

I have started to plan your 1st birthday party. That will be such a busy time of the year, and I want to make sure that day is all about you. The party will be on your birthday the 28th. I've debated whether to do a snowman theme (my original idea since you were born), or a fire truck theme because we are going to have the party at the fire station community room by Nonna and Papa's house. I know this one's more about my preferences really, and by next year you'll have a preference yourself. We made our first trip to Toys R Us recently to get gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. I think you were in awe. You just sat back and stared at everything. You definitely like toys with wheels, that play music and make noise, are balls, or that you can easily hold in your hands. You also love books. We looked for ideas in those categories, and found lots. As you might guess, Daddy is most excited about the toys right now. He can't wait!

Your days have stayed pretty consistent. You take one good nap most days. You are still not a fan of sleeping alone, but we continue to work on it. You're enjoying stage three foods now, and really like the spaghetti and lasagna. You've also tried more table foods such as shredded cheese, baked potato, and black-eyed peas. I think you weigh around 24 lbs., and wear size 12-18 months clothes. Today we made the leap that officially makes you a big boy in my mind. Daddy picked up your final big boy car seat. You already use them in Daddy and Nonna's cars, but now you'll have one in my car also. That means your amazing Chicco infant seat will go away. We have all loved that seat. I think you'll miss your great naps in it, and I will miss the long naps like Sunday when you slept in it for almost three hours. It must be a very comfortable ride. Now we will be on to more toddler transitions I'm sure. You bring so much excitement to our lives little guy! We love you beyond words!

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