Sunday, October 23, 2011

On the Town

This weekend Mike and I celebrated our 3 year (and 11 day) wedding anniversary. He was out of town on October 11th, our actual anniversary, and we wanted a little getaway to celebrate. Boy did it end up to be good timing! In the last week our lawn mower quit working, vacuum belt broke, and washing machine went kaput. LOL! So we just left it all behind. Brennan has only stayed away from us once (last weekend, ha ha), so we didn't plan to go far or for long. We had dinner at Bonefish, dessert at Maggie Moo's after listening to Big Band music outside,  and stayed at the Westin at Bridgestreet. This morning we went to Starbucks for breakfast, then relaxed with a stack of magazines and books at Barnes and Noble. It's amazing what becomes a rare pleasure once there's a precious toddler in your life! Of course we probably had the most fun picking out a book for Brennan. We ate lunch at Nothing But Noodles and headed out to several Parade of  Homes tour houses. The parade happens this weekend and next. We spent our time today on the west side of Madison County. Our favorites were Shiloh Run and Olde Cobblestone. If we were actually in the market for a home I think Shiloh Run might have been a pretty good value after seeing several others. It had some neat added touches. Olde Cobblestone blew everything else away in our minds. Since we are just looking for remodeling/updating ideas we probably have a different outlook than an actual buyer, but these houses are way cool! If you haven't visited the area, the houses are close together with small yards (not necessarily my favorite part) and made to be like older homes (LOVE) on a main street. I loved the colors they used, the tasteful decorating, and all the details put into the building. In one house the master closet and laundry room shared a wall. In the closet there was a tall shelving unit and dirty clothes bin under it. In the laundry room there was a tall, double door cabinet. When you opened the laundry room cabinet it opened to that closet shelving unit and the clothes bin pulled out to the laundry room side. No more carrying laundry from one room to the other! They had also put in amazing outdoor living rooms. I really liked the feel of each house. We ended the day picking up our two favorite boys, dropping the furry one off at home, and grabbing a quick dinner before relaxing together for football. It was a wonderful break from routine. It isn't often that I get my sweetie to myself without interruption for an extended length of time. It felt good to be a couple without responsibilities for a little while.

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