Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Decking the Halls With Decoupage

I've been a little Mod Podge crazy lately! How about you? I've tried it on pumpkins, with yarn, on chipboard, and on wood. There are so many ideas on Pinterest. It's fun to be able to use the beautiful scrapbook papers I love since I don't actually scrapbook. I quickly realized that decoupaging with Mod Podge could get a little expensive! I was thrilled to find the recipe using glue and water instead on Pinterest. I tried it first with Elmer's glue, but as much as I was using that was even more than I wanted to spend. Next I tried this glue from Hobby Lobby:

It was only $1.99 for a big bottle, and then I could also use the 40% off coupon. It has worked great! I actually have liked it better on every project except with the yarn. (The yarn just takes a ton of glue period, but this glue didn't harden as well.) I've completed several projects and still have 3/4 of the glue left. I don't know about you, but I don't like to spend much on crafting supplies so this has made me a happy girl :). As for the projects I've done, most are for Christmas at Sweet Annie's. Mom is having open house November 7th, so we are decorating this week! Pictures are a comin'! Here is a project I completed for  Halloween:

It's a matching game for my niece. There are actually 16 pieces to spell her name twice. She can either practice spelling her name, or match the letters. I know, I know, I must have been out of the classroom too long already. It would have been more appropriate with capital letters, but she's advanced so she'll do fine. I found this idea on Pinterest of course and it came from this site 

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