Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Seven and a half weeks until Christmas! I'm really not one to start thinking Christmas this soon normally. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday. I love the family time without the pressure of presents, and the sweet potato casserole!

This year I started thinking Christmas in October though. I got the wild idea to make ornaments for Mom's antique store, Sweet Annie's . Since open house is Monday, November 7th, the ornaments had to be done early! I got most of my ideas from Pinterest, of course, where I now live a part of each day. It's kind of like a baby, I can't imagine life without it now. The ornaments are all simple, inexpensive creations that I hope others will like. But if not they can fit right into my decor next year. See what you think:

Wreath of burlap strips with love banner

 Burlap joy banner

 Burlap ornaments

 Painted metal ornaments

 Decoupaged chipboard letter with scrapbook paper

 Painted metal flower
 T-shirt pom poms

Burlap wreath made with a pool noodle

Most of the ideas and instructions can be found on my Pinterest boards Tis the Season or Sweet Annie's. Come on out to Sweet Annie's to get into the holiday spirit! Happy Holiday Decorating!

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