Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Great Mother's Day Weekend!

We've had a nice, sort of quiet, Mother's Day weekend. Our week last week ended with an unpleasant surprise, so a quieter weekend was welcomed. The big surprise was that Mike will very likely not have a job after this Tuesday. Yeah, not the news you ever want to hear, but definitely not when that is your only income. His company is restructuring, again, and the word on the street is they are outsourcing three levels of jobs. He'll know more in the next few days, and we are hopeful that everything will go better than it looks right now. We aren't making any big decisions right now, so I don't really know yet what that will mean for me at home. Prayers are appreciated!

As for our weekend, Mike was out of town all last week so we started it off with homemade pizza and play time Friday. Brennan was so excited to have his favorite playmate home! On Saturday, we went to a super cute Lightening McQueen birthday party for Brennan's buddy Connor. Saturday night Mike took Brennan out for awhile and I had the time to put together the gallery wall I wrote about. Today has been filled with lots of love from my boys.

Their theatrical performance to the Leapfrog magnetic barn music. Ha! Ha!

 Brennan is at a very loving and sweet stage (when he's not being a two year old :). This morning I had made him oatmeal. He said with no prompting,"Good job cooking in the microwave Mommy." I've also gotten lots of I Love Yous and Happy Mother's Days from him. I had gotten my present several weeks ago, which I absolutely love, two large canvases of the little guy.

I had taken the pictures when we were at Fort Morgan last fall, and love getting to see them and remember that trip every day.

Tonight we had a nice dinner with my family at Mom and Dad's house. I've tried two new recipes this weekend. For brunch today I made an Overnight French Toast casserole from my Pinterest board Rise and Shine.

You put it together the night before, which took about ten minutes, and then it cooks for about 30 minutes when you're ready. We all thought it was very yummy! For dessert tonight I tried a strawberry cream pie from my Sweet Treats board.

 It was a little like a strawberry pretzel salad, minus the Jello. It was pretty tasty also. It was good to spend time with family. This was the best shot I got with two wound up toddlers.

Overall, we've had a great relaxing weekend. I think we're ready to take on this week head on, and hope it's good to us.

Happy Mother's Day!

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