Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Saab Story

This week I had to say goodbye to the Saab. Yep, one of the last remaining pieces of my single days will no longer live in our driveway. It was the only car I have purchased completely on my own with no one else even having an opinion. It was also the only car I've ever gotten a speeding ticket in. It was a fun little drive, and a great reliable car. It brought me back to Alabama. It took us away from our wedding and to Atlanta to fly away for a honeymoon. It took us to the open house that eventually led to our buying a house in Hartselle. We soon outgrew it when Brennan came along and there wasn't enough room for an infant car seat, so it became Mike's commuter car to Birmingham. A few weeks ago it had a run in with another car in downtown Huntsville.We won't discuss who was at fault or any of those details, right sweet hubby.  The damage didn't look too bad, but it was an expensive fix so the insurance company totaled it. No doubt, this is another one of God's steps in the plan he has for us. We knew we were going to have to replace the Saab sooner rather than later, and weren't expecting it to be an easy sell. With Saab's becoming more and more rare, so are people who can work on them and people who want to take a chance on them. At first, it felt like just another day of not so great luck. In the end, I think it has worked just fine. We have an old truck that is our back-up vehicle.  Now we are just waiting for Mike's next job to come along, and then we'll look for an appropriate replacement. So long Saab!

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