Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lazy Summer Day

Today we've had a lazy day! The kind where toys are everywhere, and Brennan is still in his pj's at nap time.   I promised myself when I became a SAHM that we would get up and get dressed everyday. I pretty much stick to that promise, but every once in a while I need an exception.It was suppose to rain today you know, so the day would have been perfect. Oh well!  The one productive thing we have done today is try a new recipe. Brennan loves to help cook right now, especially treats....he's so my child. He came to me this morning and asked to make muffins. I gave him the maybe answer, which he has already learned means probably not. He said, "Muffins always make me feel better." Really, all two times he's had them they made him feel better! Ha Ha!  I just love him!

Well it's always good to feel even better I think, so we made "muffins". I had actually wanted to try making cupcakes with this easy, lower fat recipe:


You use a cake mix and a can of soda, that's it. I used a Funfetti cake mix and Sprite, both just what I had on hand. They turned out pretty good. They are really moist and  have a light taste to them. We didn't ice them, since they are technically muffins today. They are a nice little treat to throw together.  I would like to try chocolate cake mix and coke sometime. I think our "muffins" have about 120 calories each. Since they don't have eggs, Brennan also got to lick away at the beaters and bowl. I think his day went from good to great!

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