Thursday, July 19, 2012

Target Time

I love when Target does their seasonal markdowns! After some practice, I've finally figured out a little more about when and where to find their deals. You've probably seen some suggestions on Pinterest about how and when they do markdowns. I haven't been able to tell that all those suggestions always apply, but some definitely do. My tricks are shopping the end caps of the inside aisles and knowing that seasonal markdowns  move quickly. They do seem to continue marking down seasonal items every couple of days, where regular items may go a whole week before being marked down again. I've also noticed that the percentage off on a sign may not actually reflect the markdown. For instance, someone had put a 30% off sign up yesterday where items where actually 70% off.

Digging is a way to de-stress for me, maybe not the best but I keep it in check. Well I won't bore you with the details, but if you know anything about our life lately you can probably guess that I've needed some de-stressing. Perfect timing since there are a lot of summer sales. I don't think I've even spent $10, and I haven't had any amazing finds yet, but I have picked up a few fun items that I know will come in handy.

I've liked these little baskets since they came out, and I got them 70% off. I think they would be good to hold baked goods or lotions and such for gifts. I could also use them to hold fresh fruit in the refrigerator or to hold little kitchen gadgets in cabinets.

I found these napkins for 70% off also. I had picked them up at 50% off but decided I still wasn't happy with that price. I'm glad I waited! Waiting doesn't usually work, but there were three of one print and two of the other. They are from the Privet House line that Target tried out this summer. I loved all of that collection! I have several ideas for these as well. I may mix them with other napkins for casual entertaining, or they may be used for a craft project (iPad cover, shopping bag, pillow). They could also add a little pop to a bucket filled with goodies for a gift. Any other ideas?  I've been on a Christmas kick the last week or so, so that's what I had in mind when I found them.

What about you? Any shopping tips? When do you start planning Christmas gifts?

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